Social Media

Social Accounts

The accounts listed below are the official, school-sanctioned accounts of Oratory Prep. Other accounts which may use the Oratory Prep name or logo are not affiliated with the school and do not represent the school's image or views.

Primary Accounts
Additional Accounts
Alumni Networking Group LinkedIn logo
Athletic Department ig logo
Cross Country/Track Team ig logo
Baseball Team ig logo  Twitter icon
Basketball Team ig logo  Twitter icon
Music Program ig logo  Facebook logo

Social Media Commenting Policy

Oratory Prep uses social media as a communication tool to share school news and information. Pages are maintained and moderated by either the Director of Communications, school staff, or coaches.
We encourage civil and thoughtful dialogue in all settings, including on social media. OP reserves the right to use the automated comment filtering tools available on each social platform, and expressly reserves the right to delete comments that contain:
  • Content unrelated to the post itself.
  • Personal attacks on other users or individuals.
  • Information related to personnel.
  • Foul language (profane or provocative; hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or derogatory; threats; obscene or explicit; etc.).
  • “Trolling” (deliberately offensive or provocative comments with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting angry responses).
  • Spam or the intent to sell a product or service.
  • Links to external sources.
  • Copyrighted materials.
Users who continually violate these guidelines will be banned or blocked from the social media page/account and may be reported to the social media platform. Should you have questions or concerns about a social media post, please contact the Director of Communications.