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Oratory Prep Middle School students benefit from a strong and rigorous academic program, which prepares them well for high school study. The core academic classes are taken together by grade, with the possible exception of mathematics. Although the majority of entering 7th graders will take Pre-Algebra, some students demonstrate through transcript review and placement testing that they are prepared for Algebra 1. Students continue through the math curriculum based on their performance, and can progress as high as AP Calculus--and beyond--at either starting point. Because students of this age are maturing and learning about themselves in unique ways as they prepare for high school, our Head of Middle School as well as a member of our Guidance staff are focused on supporting our Middle School students with individual attention.
Middle School students have access to Oratory’s rigorous academic programs.

Courses include:
Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry
Earth, Physical & Life Sciences
Religious Studies
Geography & History
Phys. Ed. and Health
Computer Skills
Current Issues in STEAM