Head of Guidance and Special Services

Welcome to the Guidance Department at Oratory Prep!
At Oratory, we cultivate an environment that fosters the whole child. We look to promote academic success, social emotional development and college readiness. Our team of counselors works to ensure each student is provided the attention and support he needs.
The Director of College Counseling, Director of School Counseling, and two school counselors comprise the Guidance Department at Oratory Prep. Each team member oversees a caseload of students and works with them on a one-on-one basis to ensure that school here at OP feels just right. Counselors are here to monitor student progress, offer insight, and help students achieve their goals. This is done through regularly scheduled check-ins to guarantee student success in and out of the classroom. We also encourage students to advocate for themselves by voicing concerns to their counselors as soon as possible, thereby mitigating any foreseeable issues.
Nearing the end of junior year, students begin working with our Director of College Counseling. Oratory Prep takes a collaborative approach to college counseling, synthesizing the input of students, their parents, and the relevant school personnel. We strive to make the college process seamless, as it is an exciting time for our seniors.
As counselors, we want our students to feel challenged, yet engaged in their learning environment. Our department knows the importance of community and connectedness, and we strive to deliver that experience to all students.
Ashley Beneventine
Head of Guidance and Special Services