Senior Project

The OPSP is an opportunity for our seniors to direct their own learning experience before they move on to college and career.

Options include:

  • Independent research on an academic area of interest, approved and guided by an OP staff member, culminating in a research paper and oral presentation.
  • Use of a student’s knowledge and talents to engage in a creative project, via the arts, sciences, etc., culminating in a newly developed piece that can be displayed, performed, or demonstrated.
  • Real-world learning through an internship opportunity, documented through a weekly log and a supervisor evaluation.
  • Learning the value of giving back through community service, documented through a weekly log and a supervisor evaluation.
Student painting muralOur hope is that our seniors pursue a passion--or at least an interest--in a way not normally offered through the traditional classroom experience. Seniors could choose to investigate a key historical era, the works of their favorite author, or a particular group’s impact on American society. Maybe some will choose to compose and perform an original piece of music, direct a short film, build a working robot, or conduct a biotechnology experiment. Some seniors will undoubtedly choose to gain some experience in potential future fields of employment, such as assisting at a law office, shadowing a friend or relative in business, or offering to freelance for a local newspaper. And while most of our seniors have engaged in community service during their time at OP, there are certainly opportunities to go further, to explore what it means to be Catholic, to help those less fortunate, and perhaps even to explore a future in service. The possibilities are vast. Our staff and Board of Trustees have also worked to develop connections that may open some doors and provide some opportunities for our seniors.


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