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Middle School Overview

Welcome to the Oratory Prep Middle School!

The Middle School at Oratory Prep consists of the (up to) 44 students that make up our 7th and 8th grades. Restricting enrollment in these two grades to a maximum of 22 students in each allows us to focus on the progress of each student during a variable time in an adolescent’s life. At the same time, being a part of the larger Oratory Prep school community provides these young men with opportunities often available to high school students, and greatly aids the assimilation process into the Upper School.

Although the Middle School students at Oratory Prep have programs and offerings unique to them, they are welcomed from day one into the larger OP community. Each Middle School student is matched with a Carlton Fellow--an OP upperclassman who is trained to support, guide, and mentor his younger OP brother. This is one of our hallmark programs, and has proven extremely beneficial to both mentor and mentee. The older guys take ownership in and responsibility for their school and schoolmates, and the younger guys have someone to ask questions of, to learn the culture from, and to go to in those times when it is easier to talk to a student than to an adult.
The Middle School is not isolated from the Upper School, so 7th graders will walk the halls, eat lunch, and attend mass and assemblies with the older students. They learn firsthand how to conduct themselves as respectful young men from the examples they see every day. The interaction among grades promotes the maturation of our younger students, and gives them a preview of what their high school experience could be.

While we welcome the majority of our student body in 9th grade, there are distinct advantages for a student to begin his Oratory Prep career in 7th grade. Having two years of the OP experience before high school begins has proven beneficial to many of our Middle Schoolers, the vast majority of whom stay with us for six years. There is truly something special about being an “OP lifer”.