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Middle School Overview

Welcome to the Oratory Prep Middle School!

Oratory Prep Middle School offers an opportunity for students to assimilate into the OP structure and culture within a supportive, caring, and safe environment. Middle school students are encouraged to challenge themselves, develop self-advocacy skills, and take risks in our learning environment that values each student’s individual gifts and talents. Our faculty sets high expectations while empowering students with the tools needed to meet and exceed those expectations.

As “OP lifers”, middle school students are immersed in the Oratory Prep community from the very beginning. Students are matched with a Carlton Fellow- an OP upperclassman whose role is to support, guide, and mentor his younger OP brother. Middle School students develop an understanding of academic excellence, sportsmanship, integrity, and respect that are cornerstones of what it means to be an Oratory Ram. Middle School students are fully part of the High School as they walk to class, attend mass and events, and enjoy lunch as a school community. This special experience within the supportive middle school program is focused on balance. OP middle school students are engaged in a daily life that includes service, growth in faith, and encouragement of one another while developing their preparedness for high school and college. Each student’s role in contributing to the community is embedded across the content areas and in each aspect of Oratory student life.