Head of Upper School

The Oratory Prep upper school program provides a foundation in the core content areas while allowing students the choice to explore our wide range of electives throughout grades 9-12. Because each student requires an academic program that is specific to their needs, we have regular, honors, and AP-level courses available in the core content areas. It is important that we continually evaluate our program to ensure it is appropriately preparing students for their college and career goals.
We know that students cannot be successful without a supportive school community. Our upper school counselors monitor student progress and offer advice and support to help students make and achieve their goals. They provide not only academic but social and emotional support as students navigate high school and prepare for the college admissions process. Counselors, faculty, and administrators are all accessible and available to address any student needs or concerns. 
Although our program aims to prepare students academically, students also learn life skills that help them become successful and confident individuals. I look forward to discussing the benefits of the Oratory upper school with you.
Elizabeth DeMichino-Acquadro, Ed.D.
Head of Upper School and Academic Dean of Math and Science

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