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Admissions FAQs

**This will be updated as adjustments are made due to new COVID-19 protocols.***
1. When do the school doors open in the morning? When do they close?
The school doors open at 7:30 A.M.The school doors of Bain Hall open at 7:30 A.M. and close at 3:30 P.M. Afternoon supervision is available from 3:00 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. in the DeGaeta Hall Gym.
2. When do classes start and end?  What kind of cycle are we on?
First bell is at 8:05 A.M. School begins promptly at 8:10 A.M. and ends at 2:40 P.M.  We are on an eight day rotating cycle.  If you are not sure what "cycle day" the current day is you can always open up "NetClassroom" on your computer and find it there, or review the Daily Announcements email.
3. What is the dress code?
On most school days students will be required to wear: dress shoes, socks, a belt, dress pants or khakis, a collared button down dress shirt (long or short sleeve) or an Oratory Prep polo shirt (only Oratory Prep polo shirts are allowed). For the 20-21 school year, locker rooms will be closed, so students will be allowed to wear sneakers and shorts with a belt. All students are welcome to wear a suit coat and tie during the school day; however, they are not required, except for special occasions and on the days we have Mass. See the full Dress Code Policy in the RAM LIFE Parent-Student Handbook.
4. Can I have facial hair? Can I have earrings? Can I have visible tattoos?
No facial hair, earrings, piercings, or visible tattoos of any kind are allowed.
5. How do I get to and from the Summit train station?
You have the option to either walk or take an Oratory Prep shuttle bus to or from school. The bus schedule (subject to change) is as follows: an Oratory Prep bus picks up students FROM the train station in the morning on the westbound side at approximately 7:30 A.M. & 7:45 A.M. (All times are adjusted to train schedules). The Oratory Prep bus LEAVES from the designated area in the front of the school in the afternoon to take students to the Summit train station on the westbound side at approximately 3 P.M. and 3:30 P.M.
6. Is there a student discount ticket for the train? How do I get one?
Each semester you will need to obtain a student discount form from a NJ Transit train station staffed with a ticket agent. Fill out your portion and bring or mail it to Ms. Moran at the reception desk where it will be validated with the Oratory Prep seal and returned to you. Then you will be able to purchase a monthly student discount ticket.
7. Am I allowed to have snacks and such in my pocket while in class?
You are not allowed to carry or eat food outside of the cafeteria.
8. Can I walk around with my backpack full of books from class to class?
Yes. Backpacks are allowed to be carried to the classrooms and/or through the hallways during school hours.
9. Who do I go to if I have a problem with: a class/schedule, another student, a teacher, ...etc.?
Problems with a class or course schedule, email Mrs. Gambino at: with your question and she will forward it to the proper counselor. Problems with a student, a teacher, etc., see Mr. McGowan. His office is in the lobby area of Bain Hall. Problems with internet usage, see Mr. Malabanan in his office located on the 2nd Floor of Bain Hall.
10. Am I allowed to call home if I forgot something?  Which phone can I use for everyday use?
You are allowed to call home but only in the nurse's office in Bain Hall or on the phone at the reception desk in DeGaeta Hall. Ask Ms. Moran for permission, and she will give you assistance if needed.
11. Can I have a cell phone?
You may have a cell phone. It is best to keep it on your person but it must be "OFF and out of sight" during school hours.  It will be taken away if it is seen in the classroom and you will have to retrieve it from Mr. McGowan or Mr. Daugherty at the end of the school day.
12. Where do I go if I lose something?
If you lose something of value, see Ms. Moran in Reception of DeGaeta Hall. Otherwise, there is a lost and found bin located in the Facilities office in DeGaeta Hall.
13. Am I allowed to listen to music with a headphones or ear-buds in school?
Yes, but only with headphones or ear-buds and only before or after school and during your lunch in the cafeteria (not in the hallways or classrooms). Students will be required to bring headphones/ear-buds each day for the 20-21 school year.
14. Are we allowed off campus during the day?
All students MUST stay on school property during school hours.
15. May I download software, music, and or videos onto my laptop that I use in school?
You may download things at home, within the confines of the law, but not anything at school unless requested by your teacher. Carefully read the Ram Life Student Handbook for specific information regarding technology and its use in school.
16. What sports do we have at Oratory Prep?
Oratory Prep will update families once a decision has been made by the NJSIAA.
17.  What extracurricular activities and/or clubs do we have after school hours?
A list of clubs that can function virtually for 20-21 will be posted soon. 
18.  What is a "swipe card"?
It is the plastic, credit card sized "key" that will allow you to enter both DeGaeta and Bain Hall from 7:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M. on school days. You will need to "swipe" it past a black box located at certain entrances. It will also act as your Oratory Prep ID card once your photo is taken and placed on the card. We are giving you the card encased in a plastic sleeve attached to a blue lanyard. All students will be required to wear it around your neck throughout the school day. Take good care of the card. You will need it for the rest of your tenure at Oratory Prep and will be expected to return it before graduation. There is a fee of $10.00 for replacement.
The content of these questions is subject to change.  Please refer to the Ram Life Student-Parent Handbook and our website for the most up-to-date information.