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Summer Assignments

AP Summer Assignments 2021-2022

All students will have readings and/or assignments for their respective English classes. Click below for the summer reading assignments.
2021-2022 OP Summer Reading List

English 7:         Two books of your choice 
English 8:         The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
English 9:          Five People You Meet In Heaven
English 9 H:      Five People You Meet In Heaven & Boys in the Boat
English 10:        Rocket Boys
English 10 H:    Into the Wild, The Catcher in the Rye
English 11:         About A Boy
English 11 H:     King Solomon’s Mines, About A Boy
English 11 AP:  The Power & the Glory, Bedford St. Martin’s Language of Composition
English 12:        Kindred
English 12 H:    Kindred, Snow in August 
English 12 AP:  Oryx and Crake, selected short stories and poems from the Seagull Reader:
                           Literature anthology