Oratory Prep offers an expanded core curriculum to its students, along with a number of electives.

Upper school students solving an equation at the boardWe combine a strong foundation in English and math skills with a focus on developing higher-order critical thinking skills to enable our students to succeed in the highly competitive world they will face. The curriculum has been designed with enough flexibility that students are able to capitalize on their own particular strengths.

A variety of instructional and assessment methods are utilized by the faculty to develop student skills in the areas which will be essential for their college and career plans. These skills include: analysis, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. 


Oratory Prep runs an 8-day rotating block schedule, with four class periods a day of 75 minutes each, a common work period, and a lunch period. Each academic class rotates at which each period meets throughout the 8 days. 
Our block schedule allows for optimal learning, collaboration, and meeting time for students and teachers. With a longer block of time each period, students are able to study the subject matter in-depth, review a topic, and be assessed before moving on to the next concept. Limiting classes to four a day and seeing each class every other day, allows students to develop organizational, planning, and study skills. 
The Common Work Period (CWP) is a time for students to meet with teachers during the school day. CWP meets every day after period 1 and students can use this time to study or meet with a teacher or counselor.

Graduation Requirements

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Mathematics
  • 3 years of Lab Science
  • 3 of Social Studies
  • 4 years of Religion
  • 3 years of World Language
A wide variety of interesting electives spanning disciplines such as business, law, marketing, technology, music, art, and more are available to students to supplement their core requirements. All students take one semester of Physical Education and one quarter of Health each year.  


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