Logo Use & Branding

The Oratory Prep brand is much more than our name, logo, colors, or tagline. Our brand is the promise we make about who we are as an educational institution, the needs we fulfill for students and families, and how and why we are different from peers or competitors. A well-defined brand creates a shared identity to build culture and pride across the school community. It unifies the visual design and messaging of communications. Because the power of a strong visual identity can only be realized through consistent application over time, the Communications Office kindly requests all stakeholders to follow the usage guidelines detailed below.

Primary Logo

The official school logo appears in blue and gold over white or other light backgrounds. For use on dark backgrounds, there are two variations of the primary logo. White and gold is the preferred alternate logo, but the all white version may be used when more contrast is needed. The blue and gold primary logo should never be used on a dark background.
Oratory main logo Oratory Reverse 2 Color Logo Oratory Reverse 1 Color Logo

Academic Seal

The academic seal features what is referred to as the "Fidelitas Crest," a symbol of the Oratory Prep Brotherhood, which dates back to the school's 1907 founding as Carlton Academy. Foundational to the spirit of fidelitas is the the school's Catholic tradition and teaching, represented by the dove and the starburst rays, which make reference to the Holy Spirit. Above the dove, three stars represent the Holy Trinity. Beneath the crest in bold typeface appears a scroll that emphatically proclaims: FIDELITAS.
Oratory Prep Academic Seal

Athletic Identity

The Athletic Department of Oratory Prep maintains a separate identity which is symbolized by the school's official mascot, the Ram. Whenever possible, the full athletic logo, which includes the school and team names above the Ram head, should be used. When use of the full athletic logo is impractical, either due to an already text-heavy design or space limitations, the Ram head by itself may be used.
Oratory Prep Rams Athletics Logo Oratory Prep Ram Logo

School Colors

OP Navy Blue OP Gold
Oratory Prep's school colors are navy blue and gold, specifically Pantone 289 and Pantone 465. All three logo versions (i.e. the primary logo, athletic department logos, and the academic seal) utilize the same shades of blue and gold.
Color Conversions
PMS 289 465
HEX 0B2341 B4975A
RGB 11, 35, 65 80, 151, 90
CMYK 100, 66, 0, 76   0, 16, 50, 29

School Fonts

OP School Fonts
Libre Franklin and Adelle are the approved typefaces for Oratory Prep. For font installations, please contact the Director of Communications

Logo Use

The use of any Oratory Prep logo must be approved by the Communications Office. All logos in use must be high resolution formats suitable for the specific application/medium. Outdated color schemes and the use of filters/overlays that distort or otherwise deviate from the official school colors are prohibited. If you would like to request the use of a school logo, contact the Director of Communications.