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Important Forms

Required Forms for 2019-2020 (Main Office and Health Office)


Below are various forms that are required to be completed. They are available now so that parents can get a head start on making the necessary doctor appointments for physicals. It is imperative that you review the outline that follows. It lists and explains the forms and helps you decide which ones you will need for your son.


These forms should be given due attention and must be completed and returned no later than the due dates indicated.

It is strongly recommended that you keep a copy of all completed forms for your records.


If there are any questions regarding the forms, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate individual listed below. They will be happy to help.


Christina Silletti
DeGaeta Hall Reception
Phone: 908-273-1084 x100
Fax: 908-273-4120

Allan Parsells
Health Office
Fax: 844-965-9418


Main Office Form (please return or fax to Reception) – due July 1, 2019


State-Aid Textbook Request Form

Required for ALL students in order to use FREE hardcover or online textbooks through the State-Aid Textbook program.

Health Office Forms
(please return or fax to Nurse Kardis in the Health Office) – due August 1, 2019


NJ-DOE Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

Required for ALL students in ALL grades. Requires a Physician’s signature. This form is valid for 365 days from the date of the physical examination.

Official Parent Signature Form

Required for ALL students each year.

Authorization to Administer Medication in School

Must be signed by the physician AND the parent/guardian, as required by NJ State Law, in order to administer prescription OR over-the-counter medications, including acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or antacids.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan (Epinephrine)

For epinephrine administration. Must be signed by the physician AND parent/guardian, as required by NJ State Law.

Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication in School (e.g. Inhaler-Insulin)

Must be signed by the physician AND the parent/guardian, as required by NJ State Law.

Immunization Record Form

An up-to-date immunization record is required for all students by NJ State Law. The physician could either fill out this form or attach a copy of the student’s immunization record from their health file.


According to state law and county health regulations, no student, under any circumstances, may store any prescription or over-the-counter medication in his locker, backpack, or on his person. All self-administered medication MUST be cleared by the school nurse.


Informational Forms

Retreat/Service/Field Trip Permission Forms