We at DPG would like to welcome you back to another year at Oratory Prep!  We are offering the following options for cafeteria purchases:
Meal Plan Options
Grades 7-11 $1,695 Full service from 08/30/2023 through 5/31/2024
Grade 12 $1,495 Full service from 08/30/2023 through 4/27/2024
Please use this link to pay for a meal plan. If you have more than one son attending Oratory, you’ll be able to select more than 1 plan or combination of plans during checkout.

Payments must be made in full prior to August 14th. Any payment received after August 14th will be subject to a $75 late fee. A merchant transaction fee will be applied to credit card payments. There is no additional fee for ACH payments.

Selecting a meal plan will provide your son a lunch for every full day when school is in session. A meal under this plan will include an entrée, 2 sides, a drink and a dessert/snack. Your student will not be reimbursed for missing meals due to absences.

If you do not wish to commit to a meal plan, students also have the option to pay for items a la carte. Oratory Prep uses (MSA) as an online service that parents can use to fund their son’s ID card. Their cards can then be used to make a la carte purchases in the cafeteria. More information will be emailed to parents and posted on the Cafeteria page in the Students/Parents section of Oratory’s website when MSA is reopened for the 2023-2024 school year.

We encourage all Meal Plan students to also fund their MSA accounts to allow them to purchase any additional items from the cafeteria. Cafeteria a la carte pricing and menus for the previous school year can be found on the Cafeteria page.

Any MSA balances will be returned upon graduation less a 5% fee.

Please note that we are currently experiencing supply chain issues, therefore menu selections may vary each week.
Gerald Frungillo
Dining Partnership Group, LLC
Dining Partnership Group