Educational Resources

Oratory is a school with cutting edge technology. Each faculty member is equipped with hardware, software and training needed to help students learn, keep grades up to date and keep parents informed. 

Families purchase the laptops of their choice for their students, and those laptops are registered to use the OP student network. Students use Windows or Apple computers, as our network allows either. Any Windows or Apple laptop made in the last few years should work well. Students are required to keep up-to-date malware protection on their computers. We also highly recommend that families carry accidental damage insurance policies on their sons' computers.

The network is protected by filtering out inappropriate sites, but it provides plenty of bandwidth for students to access needed resources. Through MyOPS, students and parents can keep track of homework assignments, coming assessments and grades. Parents can easily e-mail teachers through the parental MyOPS accounts (there are separate accounts for students and parents, and the parental accounts let them look at their sons’ accounts as well).  Many courses feature online textbooks and support materials.  We also provide access to an online database, EBSCOhost, which has extensive resources (vetted by professionals) for student research projects and for digging deeper into subjects that interest them.

Students have the experience of learning in a media rich classroom. Whether it's watching a clip from the internet that connects with course curriculum or engaging students via our interactive projectors, Oratory offers the finest environment enhancing learning through technology. A wireless network is available throughout the campus so that students can access the Internet anywhere in the school, at any time.  

Oratory Prep has a premium Google Workspace for Education account which provides a number of significant benefits to our community. Every student, teacher, administrator and staff member has an Oratory prep e-mail address and a Google Docs account. This enables easy collaboration on group projects as well as the ability for students and teachers to share documents, thus taking away the need for a lot of the printing that used to be done in schools. There are a number of other resources from Google, such as Meet that allows teachers to conduct classes virtually when the need arises.

All these technologies work together to keep Oratory students moving forward to their adult lives, where technology will be used on an increasingly day to day basis. It's another reason why Oratory is a great place to learn in order to make a difference in the world.