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Faces of OP

Tyler Gobel '22

"The community here at Oratory is my favorite part about our school, due to the fact of how welcoming everyone was when I first came here. Being a transfer student and coming in my sophomore year wasn't exactly an easy jump, but the guys and staff made it easier on me during the transition. Everyone here is very helpful and it seems like we are all true brothers. I've made some really amazing friends here so far!"
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Eric Gun '24

"I am thankful for my experience so far at OP (in the Middle School) because of the chance to meet and learn so much from an array of incredible and influential people. I look forward to my high school experience over the next four years."
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Mrs. Kim Pasnik, Science Teacher

"The best part of teaching at OP is the tight-knit community. Whether it is the comradery among the teachers and staff, between the students and teachers, or between parents and teachers, as a community, we work together to provide the best academic and social experience for all students."
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Luke Bernstein '20

"OP has prepared me for college through rigorous courses, opportunities to lead various extracurricular activities, and the chance to learn from great teachers. The OP teachers have challenged me academically and encouraged me to push myself in every aspect of my high school experience. It’s been outstanding to foster strong and long-lasting friendships that will last me through college and beyond."
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Mr. Connor Daugherty, Physical Ed., Basketball & Soccer Coach

"Being a coach at OP is special. We have student athletes here who are committed to being great teammates, always putting team before self. When you are able to work with young men who have drive, passion, and high character it makes coaching extremely rewarding. When you take the previous elements & add in the home support of the rowdies (best home field/court advantage in Union County) I firmly believe there is no finer place to be a coach."
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Max Terraciano '22

"I really like the sense of community that I have found here at Oratory. I also like how the other students and teachers are all willing to help out one other whether it has to do with service, school work, or sports. I have truly enjoyed my past year here, and I am looking forward to the rest of my years here."
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Jason Chacon '21

"My favorite event at OP is the "Hypemas" Basketball game (the first home basketball game right before Christmas Break) because it gives all the guys a chance to bond and have a great time together."
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Mrs. Cathy Clark, English Teacher

"It is a pleasure helping my juniors and seniors grow in maturity and intellect through my British Lit and AP Lit courses. I particularly enjoy challenging my students to become more independent thinkers and writers as they prepare for college."
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Mr. William Crum, Director of Facilities and Alum '09

"Make the most of your time here because it goes by quickly. Oratory provides a unique set of opportunities that do not come by often. Make sure you work hard to maximize your potential academically and athletically, and establish strong friendships because they will last a lifetime."
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