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Faces of OP

Zachary Pavlounis ''23

"My goal for the 2018-2019 school year is to be more organized and to focus on classwork and homework."

Hometown: East Hanover
Favorite Subject: History
Activities: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball
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Joe Del Sol '20

"This year I am excited about getting to know all of the new teachers as best I can and maintaining relationships with last year's teachers. I'm also looking forward to staying close with all of my classmates. Lastly, I am just excited for another successful year at OP... having fun sporting events, assemblies, and prom coming up!"
Hometown: Summit
Favorite Subject: Ethics
Activities: Baseball
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Christopher Cowell '23

"My favorite moment so far this year was going to the Varsity basketball games and being part of the Rowdies because as a Middle School student, it made me feel a part of the school even more."
Hometown: Roselle Park
Favorite Subject: Math
Activities:Basketball and Student Council
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Mrs. Michelle Gribbin, English

"One of the best things about working on so many activities at OP is that it gives me the opportunity to interact with the students outside of the classroom. Between yearbook, Omega, and Student Council, I get to see our students work on activities that they enjoy. It's an awesome thing to have a job where your goal is to plan fun events... and who doesn't love a good doppelganger?"
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Kevin Merila '18

"Throughout my four years at Oratory, an especially memorable project I completed was my survey project in Sociology class. I conducted a questionnaire on my classmates investigating how operant conditioning (the learning process through which the strength of a behavior is modified by reward or punishment) in the form of digital loot boxes affected the psychology of students increasing their desire to spend money. The freedom to choose my topic and the real world application made it very informative and exciting."
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Sebastian Bravo '21

"I feel that my newfound home, Oratory, is already putting me on the right path to success. Challenging academics, a diverse and friendly atmosphere, fun extracurriculars, and a deeper understanding of faith are at the core of what makes it so unique. Guided by the strong support from the faculty and my fellow brothers, many opportunities have become easier to seize...
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Steven Fudenna '20

"I'm glad I chose OP because I have met some incredible, diverse students and faculty who will make lasting impacts on my life. OP is so unique because of the people in its community and the atmosphere that these people create. This is evident in our sports and music programs that contain hardworking students who support each other and push each other to live up to their full potential."
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Mr. Kevin Cuddihy, Mathematics

"The best part of teaching at OP is the small environment where we all know each other very well and the chance to work with committed students, teachers, parents and staff who all have the same goal in mind: the development of our young men in faith, character, intellect, and service to others."
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Nick Mascolo '19

"The best experience for me so far at OP has been the sporting events where the student body is very involved. Basketball and Soccer games vs New Providence are always a fun time as well as other home sporting events."
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