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Faces of OP

Mr. William Crum, Director of Facilities and Alum '09

"Make the most of your time here because it goes by quickly. Oratory provides a unique set of opportunities that do not come by often. Make sure you work hard to maximize your potential academically and athletically, and establish strong friendships because they will last a lifetime."
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Jason Chacon '21

"My favorite event at OP is the "Hypemas" Basketball game (the first home basketball game right before Christmas Break) because it gives all the guys a chance to bond and have a great time together."
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Greg Jones '23

"My favorite part of being at OP is the school community. I have made friendships and developed relationships that will last a lifetime. I also enjoy the love and the passion teachers have for ensuring a challenging academic environment. I feel OP is preparing us to be leaders of the next generation. Lastly, I enjoy being able to participate in various clubs and sports activities."
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Joe Marchese '21

"Being part of the Mock Trial team at OP has been very rewarding. It goes to show what we were able to accomplish with hard work and dedication. Throughout the season, the team put in a ton of work for many months with 2-3 hour practices 5-6 days a week. This hard work allowed us to win the county championship once again and come close to winning the regional championship as well. Seeing our hard work pay off at these trials was a very gratifying experience which also allowed the team to grow closer since we were together so often."
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Luigi Franzese '19

"OP's tight-knit community was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone knows each other in our class, and we're all friendly towards each other. We all push ourselves, but nobody wants to see each other fail. The support from both students and faculty makes OP feel like a home away from home." Hometown: Cedar Grove Favorite Subject: Sociology Activities: Co-Captain of Mock Trial Team, History and Politics Club, Student Council
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Mr. Steven Maybe, Physical Education

"The best thing about working at Oratory is the small community feel. My fellow teachers are passionate about what they do, take pride in their work, and are always willing to help you out. It is a fun environment in and out of the classroom. As a coach, it is great to have alumni come back to support their school at sporting events. It truly shows the impact our school has had on them as they truly care how we are doing year in and year out. For all of these aspects, I am proud to say that I am a teacher at OP."
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Gary Saitta '22

"My favorite event so far this year was class wars because the competition created team work and friendships among my classmates. I also got to know students from other classes, and made some new friends too. In addition, the different events were a blast and I can't wait to see what new events there are next year."

Hometown: East Hanover
Favorite Subject: Biology
Activities: Cross Country, Basketball, Fitness Club
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Joe Del Sol '20

"This year I am excited about getting to know all of the new teachers as best I can and maintaining relationships with last year's teachers. I'm also looking forward to staying close with all of my classmates. Lastly, I am just excited for another successful year at OP... having fun sporting events, assemblies, and prom coming up!"
Hometown: Summit
Favorite Subject: Ethics
Activities: Baseball
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Zachary Pavlounis '23

"My goal for the 2018-2019 school year is to be more organized and to focus on classwork and homework."

Hometown: East Hanover
Favorite Subject: History
Activities: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball
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