Oratory Preparatory School

Message from the Director of Alumni Relations

Message from the Director of Alumni Relations

WELCOME to the Alumni portion of the Oratory website.

I know you are all interested in how your alma mater is doing.....We are doing great!  Our seniors were admitted to a list of impressive schools, our athletic teams are making a lot of noise in our conference, and our community outreach makes me proud that our guys give back in so many ways.

We have become a school a lot of folks are not only talking about, but, also enrolling their sons in.  We have 86 freshmen who will be join us in September, bringing our total enrollment to 358.  They come from far and wide....carpooling, trains, and busing just to come to Oratory.  What a great testament to what we are offering here.

If you have driven past Oratory over the summer you can see that construction has begun for our new building.  The project has been progressing nicely.  It is certainly an exciting time for Oratory and our students.

So many of you have been supportive of Oratory and I thank you for that. We update our website regularly with upcoming events, news and important information, so please visit us often for the latest alumni events and school happenings.

May God bless you all.


Walter Crum