Head of Middle School

The Oratory Prep middle school program offers challenging learning opportunities within a supportive community that, at its core, is driven by relationships. Students are surrounded by engaged faculty, a dedicated middle school counselor, and a community of upper school peers who lead by example. Middle school students are encouraged to learn about themselves as learners, individuals, and as members of their community. This is a time for students to stretch themselves within the positive and supportive halls of OP. 
At Oratory Prep we understand that middle school is not only a time for developing foundational academic skills, but also a critical time to grow skills in organization, planning, and self-advocacy. Students are afforded opportunities to strengthen these skills as they prepare for the rigors of high school. Middle school students understand the value of respecting themselves and others as well as their own responsibility as members of the OP brotherhood. 
I look forward to sharing more about the benefits of an Oratory Prep middle school education with you. 
Lori Lopez-Lopez, Ed.D.
Head of Middle School and Special Services

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