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Fitness Center

The Oratory Preparatory School Fitness Center is an excellent facility provided for the health and wellness benefit of faculty, staff, students, administration and school alumni. We ask that all participants using the center follow the guidelines and procedures below for the safety of all participants, to maintain the equipment, and assure cleanliness of the facility.  At this time, guests of faculty, staff, students, administration and school alumni are not eligible.

The Fitness Center in DeGaeta Hall will be open the following hours:  Monday-Thursday from 3-5pm, and Friday from 3-4:30pm. The facility is also open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7-8am. The Fitness Center will be open to all current staff, alumni, and OP students (including incoming registered students).

General Rules for Fitness Center Use

Participants are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Participants must report emergency situations to the fitness center supervisor.
  • Please show respect for the equipment, facility and towards others using the center.
  • Do not move or rearrange the equipment and/or exercise machines, unless otherwise permitted.
  • No horseplay or loud offensive language will be tolerated.
  • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights and please do not drop or throw the weights. Keep hands and loose clothing away from weight stacks, cables and pulleys.
  • To assure that all participants are able to use the machines, please limit use of cardio machines to 30 minutes when others are waiting. Proper attire is required at all times:  Shirts and athletic shoes must be worn. No sandals, open-toed shoes or bare feet.
  • Plastic water bottles are allowed. All other drinks, food and glass containers are not allowed.
  • The use of photographic equipment to take pictures of any person in the fitness center is prohibited without consent.
  • Please wipe off equipment after use with the sanitizer(s) provided. Please pick up trash, towels and personal belongings before leaving. Try to leave the center in better condition than when you arrived.
  • Consult your physician prior to beginning an exercise program.

If you have any questions regarding fitness center usage, please contact Mr. Parsells via email at

Waiver and Release (Must be completed and on file prior to using the Fitness Center)